TrimForce is America’s premier cannabis and hemp recruiting and staffing agency. We can staff your facility with an experienced team within 24 hours.

TrimForce Verified Cannabis Trimmers


At TrimForce, we understand that people make all the difference. That’s why we invest in each of our staff to make sure they’re the best they can be. It starts on day one, when each member of our staff is personally interviewed, background-check verified, and experience-validated.


"As a new cultivator in Michigan our relationship with TrimForce has been highly valuable. We have hired two and soon to be four employees from (TrimForce) and have consistently used their contract labor since our first harvest. (TrimForce)’s prices are better than the majority of the competing companies and they are highly flexible in terms of our changing staffing needs."
"TrimForce was a fantastic partner that helped us get caught up with our production needs. They were professional and courteous through the entire process. The team did a fantastic job meeting our production goals. The organization from top to bottom made the entire process seamless. 10/10 would recommend TrimForce."
"The TrimForce staff is the best in the industry. Not only did they provide the exceptional support we needed to ensure we met production goals, but their best-in-class consulting advice provided us the insight needed to transform our operations from competitive to world-class. We recommend TrimForce above all others for the staffing and consulting needs of scaled grows at any stage."

Need help harvesting live cannabis plants? Our expert staff have you covered.

When you have a harvest which needs to be processed on-time, you need a team you can rely on. At TrimForce, our staff are experienced in all aspects of cultivation your live cannabis plants.


Scale up fast with an experienced cannabis trimming workforce.

Our experienced cannabis trimming staff produce results. With guaranteed minimum throughput, our staff can trim up to 6.5lb per person, per day. Our post-harvest team will also roll and pack your product to ensure maximum shelf-appeal and salability, in no-time.


Reduce costs, and maximize performance with expert insight on facility ops and the cannabis supply chain

When you hire TrimForce, not only do you get experienced, trusted staff, but you also leverage decades of years of combined industry experience. We’ve used that expertise to build detailed playbooks for maximizing production and supply chain efficiency. With this industry know-how, we’re committed to reducing costs and maximizing throughput for your cannabis grow facility. When you win, we win.


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