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Whether indoor, outdoor, hydroponic, organic, or hybrid-grown, we exist to ensure your live plants receive the care necessary to maximize yield.  TrimForce staff are glad to assist with live plant topping, pinching, high-stress training (HST), low-stress training (LST), cropping, lollipopping, schwazzing, or any other defoliation or training technique you employ.


Are you a scaled indoor/outdoor farm with a multi-state presence, or family-owned indoor grow? If you are either, or anything in between, the TrimForce staff is here to help when you need to take your plants down right on time. TrimForce staff will ensure you get a head start on your drying process, beginning your dry time sooner, and accelerate your go-to-market speed.

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Client-verified trim rates of 6.5lbs.+ is what the TrimForce staff is known to produce, and we stand by our production rates with a money-back guarantee!  Whether wet, dry, bucked, or pre-processed, the TrimForce staff is ready to take your product to the next level for your brand and buyers.


Quality control over packaging can mean the difference between a visually appealing, salable product, and one growing old on the shelf.  Do you have pre-roll, weighing, bagging, canning, jarring, or boxing needs?  The TrimForce staff is your secret weapon to ensure your product moves fast!

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Whether MSO or Mom-and-Pop, our team is dedicated to Staffing the Best to Serve the Best!  From back-of-house inventory managers, to front-of-house budtenders; hourly cashiers to salaried C-Suite executives,  we guarantee performance in critical roles to ensure your long-term success.

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