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Dispensary and Retail Staffing

Optimize your dispensary with TrimForce Retail, and turn cost drivers into profit centers.

Key Cost Drivers

Cost of Bad Hires

Hourly: $14,900/yr. avg.

Managerial: 213% of salary

A bad hire in an hourly role can cause your business to flounder, lose sales, and damage your brand image.  Bad leadership hires can cost much more!  We work to support your continued success with a performance guarantee, ensuring your team is the best of the best!

Secondary Business Impacts

Sales reduction: 10%+

Turnover: 75% annually

Standard retail turnover rate in the cannabis industry hovers around 75%.  Once a staff member leaves, the advertising, recruiting, and hiring processes and costs begin all over again.  During those times, when quality of service suffers, sales can drop by more than 10%, severely impacting your bottom line in the short-, and long-run.  TrimForce exists to help you control those costs, while providing your customers the experience they desire!


Expert Candidate Matching

  • Industry-leading talent pool

  • Premier recruiting tools

  • Trusted by Fortune 50 companies


Cost Savings

  • 3-month turnover reduced by 15%

  • Lowered training costs

  • Improved team morale & productivity


Support & Guarantee

  • Real-time support

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Replacement guarantees

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