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Michigan Cultivators

Our Michigan cultivation and harvesting staff can aid with everything live plant-related, including defoliation, lollipopping, topping, schwazzing, and harvesting.

Michigan Trimmers

From bucking, to trimming and QC, TrimForce Michigan trimmers provide consistent, high-quality throughput to ensure the continued success of your grow.

Michigan Packagers

TrimForce packaging staff provide critical resources when you need them most. Get to market faster, and outpace your competition with the very best.


  • Be 21 years of age or older

  • Be willing to undergo a background check

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competitive advantage

michigan cannabis staff advantage

Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency minimums


  • Experience verification

  • Regulatory compliance assurance

  • Background checks which exceed state minimum requirements

  • Conscientious, reliable, skilled, and happy!



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Michigan cannabis cultivation

Michigan cannabis cultivators

Michigan cannabis packagers

Michigan cannabis harvesters

Michigan cannabis harvesting

Michigan cannabis trimming

Michigan cannabis trimmers

Michigan cannabis schwazzing

Michigan cannabis defoliating

Michigan cannabis defoliation

Michigan cannabis lollipopping

Michigan cannabis business

Michigan cannabis staffing

Michigan cannabis employment

Michigan cannabis supplies

Michigan cannabis market

Michigan cannabis consulting

Michigan cannabis research

Michigan cannabis human resource

Michigan cannabis hr

Michigan cannabis staff

Michigan cannabis apparel