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Cannabis fimming is a cultivation technique that involves removing the topmost section of a cannabis plant in order to stimulate growth in the lower branches. This is typically done when the plant is young in order to encourage lateral growth. By doing so, you will produce a cannabis plant with more bud sites and a higher yield.


Why should I fim my plants?

Standard benefits of cannabis pinching are the same as topping (with less stress), and include:

- Increased yield

- Stronger growth

- Greater potency


When should I fim my plants?

Fimming should occur after a minimum of 3 nodes grow on your plant. 


How should I fim my plants?

1. Choose the cannabis plant you want to fim.

2. Using a clean hands, pinch off the very top of the cannabis plant, but NOT all the way to the stem, above the first set of leaves. Instead pinch off only the top 3/4 of growth.

3. That's it! You've successfully pinched your cannabis plant.

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