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Low-Stress Training

Cannabis low stress training, or LST, is a cultivation technique that involves physically manipulating the cannabis plant in order to encourage growth. This is typically performed when the plant is young in order to encourage lateral growth. By doing so, you will produce a cannabis plant with more bud sites and a higher yield.


Why should I low-stress train my plants?

Standard benefits of cannabis low-stress training are the same include:

- Increased yield

- Stronger growth

- Greater potency


When should I low-stress train my plants?

Low-stress training is best accomplished when plants are young, during the vegetative phase to encourage lateral growth.  However, any time during the pre-flowering stage is acceptable.


How should I low-stress train my plants?

1. Choose the cannabis plant you want to low stress train.

2. Identify your main stem, and gently bend it downward, toward the soil.

3. Tie the bend stem to the pot, or a ground stake. 

4. That's it! You've successfully low stress trained your cannabis plant

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