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High-Stress Training

Cannabis high stress training, also known as super cropping, is a cultivation technique that involves physically manipulating the cannabis plant in order to encourage growth. This can be done at any stage of the plant's life cycle, but is typically performed when the plant is young in order to encourage lateral growth. By doing so, you will produce a cannabis plant with more bud sites and a higher yield.


Why should I super crop (HST) my plants?

Standard benefits of super cropping (HST) are the same as topping and defoliating, and include:

- Increased yield

- Stronger growth

- Greater potency


When should I super crop (HST) my plants?

Super cropping should be accomplished 4-5 days before flowering, during the late vegetative growth phase.  However, it is important to only super crop when you are growing under ideal conditions.  Shocking the plant with pesticides or cooler temperatures, for example, can overwhelm the plant, and result in negative outcomes. 


How should I super crop (HST) my plants?

1. Choose the cannabis plant you want to super crop (HST).

2. Find mature, tall branches, and using clean hands, roll the bottom of the branch, crushing the internal biomass, until you can bend the branch in the direction you wish it to grow (90-degree bends). 

3. Do not crop anything closer than 3 nodes from the tip.

4, Tie each crop site down. 

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