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Cannabis pinching is exactly as it sounds - a cultivation technique that involves removing the topmost section of a cannabis plant in order to stimulate growth in the lower pinching. By pinching at an early growth stage, you will produce a cannabis plant with more bud sites and a higher yield.


Why should I defoliate my plants?

Standard benefits of cannabis pinching are the same as topping, and include:

- Increased yield

- Stronger growth

- Greater potency

Emotional benefits:

- Feel like a cannabis master cultivator (because you are), and tell people you pinch your plants


When should I defoliate my plants?

Defoliation can be achieved during vegetative and flowering phases of growth.


How should I defoliate my plants?

1. Choose the cannabis plant you want to defoliate, and identify any water leaves, and leaves covering bud sites.

2. Using a clean scissors, trim off the water leaves, leaves covering bud sites, and any other leaves not receiving direct light.

3. That's it! You've successfully defoliated your cannabis plant.

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